Partial Suit

Includes head, hand paws, and tail.



Full suit

Includes head, hand paws, feet, tail, and bodysuit. Padded bodysuits (digitigrade) are lined with lycra for padding (it has zippers for removable stuffing).

Plantigrade - $2000+

DiGITIGRADE (padded) - $2400+

ADD-on prices

  • Magnetic eyelids - $50 for first set, $25 for each additional set

  • Exchangeable tongue - $50 for 2 tongues, $20 for each additional tongue

  • Extra zippers - $60 per zipper

At this time, only partial or full suits are available. Fursuit parts (head, tails, etc) cannot be individually commissioned.

Terms of Service / FAQ


  • 18 years of age or older.

  • 30% non-refundable down payment.

  • 2 sided reference of your character (front and back), 3 views preferred. This is not required for an artistic liberty fursuit.

  • Head and hand measurements for a partial; head, hand, and feet measurements and a duct tape dummy for a full suit.


All payments are through PayPal, no exceptions. A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your slot in the queue and to purchase materials. Shipping is not included with the cost of the fursuit.

I will work on your project as you pay it off. For example, once you have paid for the price of the head, then I can begin work on the head and so on. The order in which the fursuit parts are made is up to my discretion (eg. I may make the body prior to the head).

Payment plans are available. Please contact me for more information.


Fursuits are shipped via USPS or UPS from the USA. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, including mandatory shipping insurance (in the case the package gets damaged or lost). International buyers, please keep in mind international shipping can exceed $200 USD in addition to any custom costs.

If I am attending a convention, at-con delivery is likely available.


Refunds are as follows:
0% Complete = 70% refund
25% Complete = 45% refund
50% Complete = 20% refund
75% Complete = 0% refund
100% Complete = 0% refund

Financial stability is incredibly important. Please commission me only if you are certain you will be able to pay.

Turnaround time and Deadlines

Fursuits are estimated to be completed within 6 to 8 months after being fully paid off. I do not work with deadlines under any circumstances. If you have a date in mind you’d like the suit to be completed by, let me know, but I cannot make any guarantees.


All commissioners must be 18 or older, no exceptions. Parents or guardians are not allowed to handle the transaction on the behalf of a minor.

Allergy warning

All costumes are made in a studio apartment with a cat. The studio gets cleaned and vacuumed frequently. All suits will be vacuumed prior to shipping. If you have a severe cat allergy, please use your best judgement before commissioning me as I cannot keep the cat fully separated from my work area.